retail insolvency services

retail insolvency services

Over the past six years, Knapp Property Group have expanded their practice in advice to banks and accountancy firms in the areas of shopping centre and retailers financial difficulties.

These activities include advice on trading positions of retailers, management of distressed shopping centres, advice to receivers and banks with regards to sale – ongoing management, closing down of retail properties.

Knapp Property Group offer a broad range of services to the insolvency industry and are considered an expert in retail advice in this area throughout NSW.

Knapp Property Group carry out the following duties:

  • Assessment of the current position of the asset.
  • Stabilization of trading activities within the asset.
  • Assessment of accurate current cash flows, outgoings, tenancy schedules and assessment of asset values.
  • Recommendation for short, medium and long term strategies to increase the value of the asset.
  • Carrying out clear instruction provided by banks and insolvency practitioners on the wishes and requirements of the financiers to gain their maximum benefit from the asset (short and long term).
  • Detailed reporting mechanisms which provide clear information and understanding to clients on a regular basis.
  • Assistance in preparation of property and information criteria for asset sales.
  • Assistance in asset sales.
retail sales leasing

retail sales & leasing

Knapp Property Group have been established since 1976, and are involved in all areas of property leasing, management, sales, valuation, retail planning and consultancy.

With specific regard to retail and commercial activities, our company has strong working relationships with Coles, Woolworths, Franklins, Aldi and IGA. We have acted for Coles and Woolworths on negotiations on their behalf, either with leases, free hold acquisition or disposal.

We have a strong relationship with most retailing companies, who we either currently act for in our general asset management activities or we have acted for in previous negotiations with retail premises.

Apart from Coles and Woolworths, we also act for major companies such as NAPF Electronics, Sam’s Warehouse, Harvey Norman, Freedom Furniture, Aldi, IGA, Franklins, GoLo, Payless, Kmart, Big W and many other smaller operators.

We act in all areas of lease negotiations with Centre Managers regarding renewal of leases etc.

In recent years, our Company has been actively involved in the site acquisitions, planning, construction and leasing of shopping centres. Included in these shopping centres are the Narellan Town Centre Shopping Centre (60,000sqm),Kings Langley Woolworths Neighbourhood Centre, Glenwood Park Shopping Centre (Blacktown), Wattle Grove Shopping Centre, Thirroul Square Shopping Centre and Ingleburn Town Centre.

We specifically handle project leasing and co-ordination and can provide a successful track record in this regard. We feel we are capable and dedicated in our work ethic and are flexible in our working environment with principals.

Bulky Goods

Large Format Retail

Knapp Property Group over the past 15 years have been involved in major large format retail and retail projects in Campbelltown and have been instrumental in the establishment of Blaxland Road as the large format retail goods precinct of that area.

Knapp Property Group negotiated with Council on behalf of Harvey Norman and sold the site that they currently occupy in Blaxland Road, Campbelltown. Knapp Property Group also arranged for developer purchase of sites and assistance in Council approvals, as well as tenant introductions for Toys R Us, Stratco and Campbelltown Lighting Centre.

Knapp Property Group also handled most of the sales of development land and pre-commitment of tenants for the Rose Street to Campbelltown Road strip of Blaxland Road. These tenants include Bing Lee, Macarthur Mercedes Benz, Supercheap Auto, Repco, Hansen’s Electrical and Bob Jane T Mart.

Our company was instrumental in the sale of land to the developer of the Blaxland Large Format Retail Centre (formerly the Freedom Centre) and was involved in the design, project supervision and approval processes together with the lease up of this project.

We also were involved in and currently manage the Macarthur Tile Centre in the same precinct.

Knapp Property Group have also been involved with major motor vehicle activity in the Blaxland Road precinct, including the sale of the Macarthur Volkswagen and part Mitsubishi site to the Wakeling Group, sale of the current site occupied by Macarthur Ford to the Wakeling Motor Group and the proposed new site in Blaxland Road for the Clintons Toyota Group.

Knapp Property Group have also worked on leasing large format retail projects in Charm Haven (Central Coast), Narellan and Liverpool and Shell Harbour (Wollongong).



Knapp Property Group have assisted developers and project teams in major projects such as the Landturn Retail Project in Narellan, Freedom Large Format Retail Centre in Campbelltown, the Centre Court Commercial project in Campbelltown and activity with major companies such as Boral, PacLib, Peak Property Holdings and other smaller one off developments in retail, commercial and industrial.



Knapp Property Group are involved in commercial strata management in both the Sydney CBD and Campbelltown, and manage strata plan on commercial buildings.

Knapp Property Group also have management of strata units within commercial and retail properties.

Knapp Property Group offer a full service in commercial strata management from start-up activity on new projects to ongoing management.



Knapp Property Group aims to quickly and efficiently present property to the identified target buyer group, thereby maximising interest and total return to the client. By offering a strong suite of property advice, Knapp Property Group can establish the most cost effective way to introduce property to the market.

Knapp Property Group ensures that only the most highly motivated professionals with the appropriate technical qualifications and experience are selected to form the professional team. This guarantees that at every stage, the level of service and reporting remains at the highest standard.

Our core lease services are:

  • Project & Brokerage Leasing
  • Lessor Strategic & Consultancy Advice
  • Leasing Strategy Implementation
  • Landlord & Tenant Conciliation Negotiations
  • Property Marketing & Promotion
  • Financial Modeling


Knapp Property Group provides expert industrial recommendations based on our market intelligence and experience within the industrial market.
We can help you to achieve the best outcome whether you are buying or leasing a property in the industrial sector.

More than purely sales and leasing of industrial property, Knapp Property Group provide clients with a strategic and multifaceted approach toward manufacturing, warehousing and logistics accommodation:

Industrial Property Sales

When buying an industrial property there are many considerations. With our list of services we can offer you:

  • Single site and portfolio disposals
  • Land subdivision
  • Tenant and buyer representation
  • Investment sales and sale/leasebacks
  • Sourcing of design and construction packages
  • Space planning and location analysis
Industrial Property Leasing

When leasing an industrial property there are many considerations. With our list of services we can offer you:

  • Leasing, subleasing and assignment of leases
  • Sourcing of design and construction packages
  • Space planning and location analysis


Knapp Property Group offer valuations for both residential and commercial properties in the Macarthur and greater Sydney region.

Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Since 1976 Knapp Property Group (KPG) have managed commercial property along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

KPG manage in excess of 40 commercial assets in from Ipswich – Queensland down to Mossvale New South Wales. Over the years, KGP have become experts in the following:

  • Arrears management
  • Refurbishment clauses
  • Makegood upon lease expiries
  • Option renewals
  • Capital works supervision
  • Repairs and maintenance supervision
  • Outgoings reconciliation
  • Tenant and owner expectation
  • Ingoing, outgoing and annual property reports

At KPG, we pride ourselves on the level of service and attention to detail on each management. KPG manage assets from 50m² strata unit to 10,000m² shopping centres to 15,000m² industrial warehouse. Regardless of the size, KPG consider each and every management of the utmost importance.