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Retail Insolvency Services

Over the past six years, Knapp & Associates have expanded their practice in advice to banks and accountancy firms in the areas of shopping centre and retailers financial difficulties.

These activities include advice on trading positions of retailers, management of distressed shopping centres, advice to receivers and banks with regards to sale – ongoing management, closing down of retail properties.

Knapp & Associates offer a broad range of services to the insolvency industry and are considered an expert in retail advice in this area throughout NSW.

Knapp & Associates carry out the following duties:

  • Assessment of the current position of the asset.
  • Stabilization of trading activities within the asset.
  • Assessment of accurate current cash flows, outgoings, tenancy schedules and assessment of asset values.
  • Recommendation for short, medium and long term strategies to increase the value of the asset.
  • Carrying out clear instruction provided by banks and insolvency practitioners on the wishes and requirements of the financiers to gain their maximum benefit from the asset (short and long term).
  • Detailed reporting mechanisms which provide clear information and understanding to clients on a regular basis.
  • Assistance in preparation of property and information criteria for asset sales.
  • Assistance in asset sales.